Friday, June 11, 2010

Friends and Enemies

As the garden battle intensifies we line up with our friends to face our foes. Bees- love 'em or fear 'em- you won't have a garden without them. I'll write another time about how I learned to love bees, worms, and spiders.

Worms. I have a lot of clay in my soil, so these are my best friends. I even touch them regularly.
I don't call myself the gloveless gardener for nothing.

Spider momma and babies to the right. If she stays put I'll take some more photos of her. Years ago I would never have gotten anywhere near close enough to take this shot.

Good old ivy. We actually planted this stuff in the yard when we first moved to the Northwest 30 years ago. And we're still beating it off. I'm hoping eventually the perma-culture will win this battle.

Slugs, our Northwest favorite. (Enemy, that is)  With the wet spring we've had these beasties are a plague. More to come on using beer and copper in the fight against them.

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  1. What about the blackberries? I know the fruit is great but you have to let them take over a fair amount of your yard before you can get a pie or a single batch of jam :(